• Small Towel - Gae
  • Small Towel - Gae
  • Small Towel - Gae
  • Small Towel - Gae
  • Small Towel - Gae
  • Small Towel - Gae

Small Towel - Gae

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Gae is a luxurious, warm, and soft guest towel made from 100% organic cotton.

Its calming and repetitive design is inspired by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, adding a touch of serenity to your bathroom. The Gardenia (white) color creates an elegant and understated element, while Ott's unique piping graphic in Verdant Green, inspired by the color of Basque Country architecture, makes Gae unique.

Gae Collection is an ode to serenity, elegance and minimalism, designed to elevate any bathroom.

The name Gae was chosen as a tribute to Gae Aulenti for Collection 001, which celebrates four women designers who have liberated shapes and bodies in interior design.

Pairs nicely with the GAE LARGE TOWEL.

Ott. towels are made of extra thick 600 grams/m2 cotton terry, which makes them highly absorbent and resistant, giving them a superior feel and long life.

Size of the Small Towel: 30*50cm / 12 x 20 inches


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Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in Portugal.

To preserve the environment and the high quality of Ott towels for years, we recommend: 

  • Before using an Ott product, we suggest you wash it through a cycle. 
  • Wash the towels separately at cold or low temperature (40 degrees).
  • Use a natural detergent. Avoid using softeners or bleachers.
  • To preserve softness, use the dryer at low temperature (60-80 degrees). Or dry in the shade. 
  • To avoid snags, wash items with zippers or buttons separately. If a loop has snagged, don't pull it, cut it off. 
  • Be careful with cosmetics or skin care products that may cause discoloration.